They Have Given Us One More Reason Not Eat at Fast Food Joints

You are about to be exposed.

You have heard before that you should stop eating at fast food joints because it saves a hell of money, improves on your cooking skills, it is bad for your weight since most of their foods contain fat.. it is bad for your health since most of their food contains chemical preservatives which causes problems to your body and because most of them don't care about proper food hygiene, no matter the show they put up for you the real deal happens behind closed doors.

Now, you may have wondered how, you would miss your favorite delicacy, how are going to live without tasting a meal from a fast food joint for your life.

Well, here is another reason not to and it is a more deadly one, 

An eatery operator poisoned his customers leaving many of them dead and others hospitalized. 

This happened last week Saturday in the Ogoja, Cross River State 

Here is What had to say about it 

Many customers were said to have died Saturday after an eatery operator in Ogoja, Cross River State, allegedly put poison in the food he sold them. 
The eatery operator, it was leant, last night, confessed to the crime. The suspect, Paul Armond, who has been arrested by the police, was said to be undergoing interrogation.
Dr. Patrick Ubi, Medical Superintendent, General Hospital, Ogoja, where the victims were rushed to, said they ate from the same source, adding that it was regular for them to do so everyday between 9am and 10 am.
“After two to three hours, those who ate the food started complaining of abdominal pain; some were vomiting while others were foaming in the mouth”, Ubi said. The suspect, according to a source, poisoned the customers as a way of getting back at them for an undisclosed reason.

I will never say the man is right and he is already in the police net to answer for his crime. 

But I hope this gives us a reason to be more health conscious, to make healthy decisions when picking food and living your life and not just based on your likes and taste. 

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