How To Avoid Hand Pain While Writing and typing


Writing or typing consistently for hours can cause pain to the hand, yes we have all felt the pain of writing for so long, but for all those typists out there its like an extra battle especially when your hands are moving at a very fast.

I remember finally hitting 70wpm in Mavis Beacon typing program, I thought that it would make the typing work faster, but also it made me quickly tired and end in with hurting wrist and joints, it still happens until I completely practiced this post.

In order to avoid this kind of pain; there are some basic things you should.

How To Avoid Hand Pain While Typing

1. When you want to type, make sure your fingers are not isolated from each other and that they level with your arms.

2. Make sure the chair you are sitting on is higher than the table, that way you arms will be above the keyboard.

3. Learn to type in a coordinated manner so as to keep your fingers balanced.

4. Take breaks while typing to give your hand rest.

How To Avoid Hand Pain While Writing

1. Use a pen that you are comfortable with and it’s not too robust.

2. Don’t put pressures on the pen while writing and try to hold it in a loose manner.

3. Try to make frequent stops while writing, for example, you can eat a snack while writing.

4. Try to maintain a good hand position while writing, so that it won’t cause strain on the wrist.

5. Don’t write too fast so that you won’t put too much pressure on your hands

Remember, posture is important, you should sit well not to strain your back, and also try to exercise your hands regularly, sometimes I just flex my fingers when I notice I am getting tired (that is move your fingers as if you are playing the piano, but very fast).

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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