6 Things To Never Put on Your Face No. 1 Will Shock You


Dear Readers, get seated for an education, there are things we put on our face everyday like No. 1 over there which can be the reason, for our continuous allergies and illness, it may be a remedy to acne we saw online or something else. 

So here are the 6 things you should never put on your face 

Also I am thinking of posting some tips for acne, since many people are not turning to bleaching and makeup to cover up.

1. Your Hands

You must be like, what? But yes, I just said you should refrain from putting your hands on your face, most of the time, most of us do it, and what we don't know is how many germs that are crawling from whom we shake, where we touch, even those of us that sneeze on our hands and just rub them together must be crawling with germs. Since many of us have unhygienic lifestyles, we are basically transferring germs from our hands to every part of our body.
2. Toothpaste

For those who are trying to fight off pimples (acne), you may have used toothpaste at one time or the other, well, toothpaste actually works when it comes to acne (it worked for me) but not only did it work, it gave me a reminder of its existence, which include burns, but fortunately I wasn't using it excessively and it was easily reversed. Toothpaste dry out healthy moisture from the skin and has the potential to leave chemical burns on the skin, which will be hard to fix.

3. Hot Water

Remember, this post is talking about excessive use of these things, and not just once in a while use, I mean who wants to keep bathing normal water during this cold season in Nigeria.

Hot water leads to dryness of the skin, by softening the natural oils of the epidermis and getting rid of the barrier that prevents your skin from drying out. But instead of using hot water, always try out lukewarm water instead, as this reduces such risk. (When I say lukewarm I mean moderately warm, i.e. not too hot or not cold).

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

That antiseptic which is one of the major component of a First Aid Kit, Hydrogen Peroxide is good for treating injuries like burns and cuts, but that doesn't make it suitable for the delicate skin on your face. it's corrosive nature can cause burns and blister the skin, also it can result in inflammation. So scrap it out of your list of treating acne.

5. Sugar

We already know that ingesting too much sugar spells disaster for your skin, but using it in your beauty routine as a DIY facial scrub can wreak havoc, too. Facial skin is far thinner than the rest of your skin, so while a sugar and olive oil exfoliator can make your legs look smooth and gorgeous, the texture of the grains are too rough for the fragile epidermis on your face. This is true of many scrubs and exfoliators, even some marketed for the face—they’re just too rough, and while they lend themselves to smooth-feeling skin, their sharp edges are actually creating tiny tears that damage and prematurely age the skin.

6. Lemon

Lemon juice is on the other side of the pH scale—with a pH of 2, it’s highly, highly acidic. Just as sucking on a lemon can destroy the enamel on your teeth, applying pure lemon directly to your skin irritates and disrupts the acid mantle. The oils in citrus fruits are also phototoxic, which means that sun exposure can exacerbate the irritation to the point of chemical burns.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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