Hunger Forces Villagers to Steal Poisonous Grains

villager steal poisonous grain 

They say you are not yourself when you are hungry, some of us become someone entirely just to grab a bite of something solid enough to quench that unending hunger.. Well that seems to be the case as hungry villagers steal poisonous grains which was meant for destruction, in Katsina, Nigeria.

Members of Ladanawa village in Katsina State stole bags of poisonous grains meant for destruction in the state. Speaking to journalist on the recent development, the state Commissioner for Local Government, Abdulkadir Ahmed Zakka, said a truck carrying 300 bags of grains from the state Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (KTARDA) main store to another location for destruction, broke down in the village while on its way. The hungry villagers came out in their numbers and began to steal from the grains which had poured out of the bags.

Zakka who paid a visit to the community, appealed to the villagers not to consume the grains and that they should return it immediately so they can be destroyed. He said security operatives have been mandated to conduct house to house search and that anyone found with the poisonous grains will be punished.

Although this does not solve the problem at hand, it would be better appreciated if government do more on their part. 

This reminds me of the Tomato scarcity which took place some weeks ago that caused our stews to look like a transparent ocean filled with fishes and meat. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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