Could You Trust a Robot to Help Deliver Your Baby


Although it may be a known fact, that in the labour room the woman is almost not concerned whether its a doctor or nurse that delivers her baby, but this is an issue for debate, Ladies, Mothers, and Expectant Mothers would you trust a robot deliver your baby, or let me say would you trust some steel, plastic, chips and wires put together deliver your baby for you.

As a matter of fact robots could eventually play integral roles in labor wards, according to findings from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Robots are currently employed in hospitals to carry out simple actions, like dispensing medication.

The researchers have been working for the past two years to determine whether robots can be more than just helpful companions. They’ve been conducting experiments to see if a robot can serve as an effective “resource nurse.” That’s the nurse in the labor and delivery unit that’s in charge of assigning other nurses to care for patients.” said MIT professor Julie Shah, the senior author of the study.

Now could trust a robot to deliver your baby? According to researchers it shouldn't bel less than 100% percent sure.

But what about You? 

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