Child locked in car on hottest day of the year while mother 'shopped for 40 MINUTES'

A CHILD had to be rescued from a boiling hot car after its mother left it to swelter while she allegedly went shopping for 40 minutes.

Panicked onlookers called the police in a desperate bid to save the poor child as temperatures soared above 85F (30C) in Watford on Tuesday.

Repeated attempts had been made to locate the mother, who was allegedly shopping in a nearby Next store, and announcements had even been made over the loudspeaker.


One worried shopper how horrified witnesses were "screaming" at security guards to force the car doors open and save the child from the suffocating heat.

The witness said: "An elderly woman was on the scene and screaming at a security guard to do something and let the child out.

"There were quite a few people looking on as the police arrived."

Police arrived and saved the small child, with witnesses saying the car door on the Nissan Qashqai was opened without force.

After the child was released, the driver returned to her car having apparently been shopping the Next store inside the Waterfields Shopping Centre.

The onlooker added: "All the woman got was a ticking off - it must have been unbearable for the child."

A Hertfordshire Police spokesman said: "Police were called at 12.40pm on Monday to Waterfields Retail Park in Watford to reports of concerns for the welfare of children that had been left in a car.

"Officers attended and the mother was located. Strong words of advice were given to the woman."

The incident came as the UK had its hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching 91F in some parts of the country.

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