4 Benefit of Early Morning Run to The Body


We have all heard that we need to exercise to keep fit, but some of us feel so lazy to get up in the morning to make that our daily routine. Don't worry you are not the only one. Now how really important is exercise since you don't do it, and nothing bad has ever happened to your health. 

Well, do you want to know why you feel so tired when you get up from bed in the morning? Do you want to know why you are unable to run for 10 minutes without screaming "my waist" or why you are unable to easily bend down to pick up the TV remote and tune in telemundo.... Simply because you don't exercise, all this and many more things that are affecting you are a result of your inability to exercise...

The "Early Morning Run" aka "Jogging", I believe is the simplest form of exercise known to man, you just have to get up early in the morning and take a slow run through the neighbourhood for some minutes, 5 and above, then you are done.. Too simple right, So how does this simple exercise benefit me?

Some of the health benefit of running in the morning includes, but are not limited to;

1. Active Body System: 

Engaging the body in an early morning run will help keep the body in a warm and active state. (you will be humpy jumpy like a child) Active state for the body that can be achieved through early morning exercise includes mental alertness, fight or flight hormones alertness like adrenaline, Vitamin boost e.g Vitamin D and many more. Early morning keeps you body working and thereby helps keeps the body healthy through all these means and it ensure good health.

2.  Losing Weight: 

Engaging in Early morning run or exercises is a good way to lose weight in the sense that, it keeps the body off excess fat and burns calories with ease because even when you eat breakfast, the body metabolism has been increased and excess weight burnt. I tried running few distance sometimes ago when am on holiday and i see a considerable change in my body and its metabolism rate.

3. Sound Mind: 

Exercise is one of the keys to good health, and a benefit of good health is a sound mind... With you body active and running, you will be able to feel cool morning fresh air which will in a way relax you mind. (This can only happen is you clear you mind while jogging and not if you are jogging as if you are trying to beat Usain Bolt's record). For those of us who have a busy day ahead, a sound relax mind would mean a happy day for us, in the sense that we be more tolerant of the stress that is about to come.

4.  Sound Sleep: 

If you experience difficulties sleeping at night (after you finished watching that Telemundo marathon) why not try to run some distance in the morning, this will increase you body metabolism and keep you fit. By the time you get back  to sleep, you will have a wonderful rest because the body nerves has been exercise and cleared of any blockages. The best way i get sound sleep is through early morning run and it helps me lose weight with wonderful sleep at night.

These and many more are the reasons you need to help your body through the early morning run. These work out ensures a good body metabolism, you lose weight, you get some discipline and the best of sleep at night. Never neglect these ideas and if you really like your health, find time for this exercise because it helps the body.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise
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