Smoking Affects Your Man Organ Really Bad


If you are not a smoker and a fan of Wiz Khalifa you should understand what I mean when I say cannabis. Smoking has many ups and downs and is a big killer of the human race. A smoker is highly intoxicated and addicted to his act that he fails to see the repercussions after his action.

Well now, smoking affects more than just your pride, teeth, and health, a recent research has shown that using cannabis as a se'x enhancer could lead to devastating outcome unlike what has been suggested in the past. 

Cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in the world but weed smokers often say mixed things about how having a spliff impacts se'x. 

In a bid to see what effect the substance has on the body, biologists conducted animal studies which suggested weed might actually harm erections rather than help them.
Researchers discovered marijuana has an inhibitory effect on some receptors inside the erectile tissue of the penis.
It's important to distinguish between the occasional spliff and heavy smoking over a long period of time.
Small amounts of marijuana can increase the libido, magnify thoughts and boost imagination.

Because cannabis affects dopamine levels in the brain it can make you feel euphoric or high, relaxed or provide pain relief.
But long-term abuse is likely to cause sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and not being able to orgasm.
A study of daily pot smokers found the drug can decrease both the quantity and quality of erections.

Compared to non-smokers, men who lit up every day were three times more likely to have trouble getting it up.

The amount of smokers in the world is on the increase, while teenagers are being pulled into this form of addiction by means such as peer group influence, curiosity or backgrounds , the use of drugs can hamper us greatly, the best option available to quit rather than decide to reduce intake. 

There are other ways to increase libodo and bring out your best in a sexual activity. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise
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