7 Things You Should Never Do After a Meal

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We do lots of things after meals, sometimes we play, sit and watch tv, sleep, or whatever you do that I didn't mention, but, some practices are rather causing you problems rather than helping. In my ebook on How to get rid of belly fat and keep it that way I also talked about something you should do after a meal.

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Here are 7 things you should never do after a meal.. (No. 7 will shock you.)

1. Don't Smoke 

Don't lit that cigar.

Experiments from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after a meal is equivalent (comparable) to smoking 10 cigarettes, thereby increasing your risk to cancer. 

2. Don't eat Fruits Immediately

Well, I am guilty of this, when you were brought up with the knowledge that fruits contains a lot of nutrients and eating them after meals was a healthy habit, but eating fruits immediately after a meal could cause your stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore, it is advisable to eat fruits 1 - 2 hours after meals.

Remember to be careful of how many fruits you consume daily, for example don't consume more than 2 oranges a day due to the high fiber content which may cause you problems.

3. Don't Drink tea 

(I don't tea that you make with bonivta and peak milk). I mean drinking green tea and other kinds of tea.

Because tea leaves contain a high content of acid. This substance will cause the protein content in food we consume to increase thus making digestion of food a while longer and difficult.

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4. Don't Loosen your belt 

My dad is guilty of this, after a heavy meal, he often loosens his belt, I assumed he wanted to ease the digestion process, but loosening your belt after a meal will easily cause the intestine to be twisted and locked.

5. Don't bathe

I will say I have never done this one or I have done it, can't quite remember, but bathing after meal will case an increase in blood flow to the body, hand, and legs, leading to a reduction in the amount of blood around the stomach, therefore weakening the digestive system.

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6. Don't Walk About 

Walking about after a meal will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrients from the food we take. Me, I just sit and watch TV.

7. Don't Sleep Immediately 

Those on medications are allowed to sleep (I mean you can't control it), But sleeping after a meal would lead to incomplete digestion of food. Thereby leading to gastric and infection in the intestine. 

We are all or maybe most of us are guilty of some of this, the earlier you start reacting to health information and practicing them the better for your body..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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