Your pet may help you more than you know

Woman and her pet

Animals are likely man's next best friends, some like dogs are able to go on errands and keep you company like a second boo. 

Well, a recent research has revealed that people who are more likely to assign human-like qualities to inanimate objects or animals might actually benefit thinking about animals when they are feeling socially rejected.

In three separate studies, participants were asked to relive past experiences of social rejection. After this, they were then asked to name photographed animals and their feelings were analysed again. Participants who thought of names for animals reported less negative emotions and feelings of rejection than those who did not. Thinking about naming a human did not produce the same effect; with the study showcasing evidence that thoughts about a pet can provide a soothing stimulus for humans.

The lead author of the study, Christina M. Brown, said: “Those who are more predisposed to attribute entities with human like-characteristics would benefit from even the most minimal engagement with animals.”
Anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.) may be an effective and powerful way to eradicate and combat the negative feelings that result from social rejection.

Although, I am in conflict with this,  maybe because animals unlike humans are forever faithful (that is till death) unlike humans where there is a probability of betrayal which reduces the level of trust. But still, it is hard to believe that an animal would give so much comfort compared to a human.. 

Ever experienced a situation like this,

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