Weird Things People flush down the Toilet

When I was a child, I remembered doing a lot of experiments, my curiosity was at its peak and I remembered carrying some experiments with our toilet like throwing tennis balls (which always float on water) into the toilet and flushing it just to see if the force of the water could make the ball sink.. 

Well compared to this, those experiments were nothing.. Sydney Water has released a list of the craziest and weirdest things people flush down their toilet. (Sydney Water or formally, Sydney Water Corporation, is a New South Wales Government–owned statutory corporation that provides potable drinking water, wastewater and some stormwater services)


1. Small Animals... 

Yes, you heard me right, people do actually flush their pets down the toilet, I don't mean their cats or dogs (I mean how could they fit in there), I mean like their pet goldfish, frog including other small animals.  

While you may think you are setting the fish free, it’s something you need to stop doing right now. While a goldfish might be harmless in your tank, they can be pretty menacing in the waterways. 


2. Mobile Phones 

I am a Nigerian, and I think that no Nigerian would ever dream to flush his/her Infinix hot 2 down the toilet. I mean, you just can't. 

But still, accidents do happen...

I wonder if any of them still work after their tumultuous journey into the wastewater system? And if they do work, where do they end up?

3. Clothes and Sheets

Why would anybody in their right mind think flushing clothes and sheets down the toilet is OK?

It’s hard to understand how these can actually fit down the pipe in the first place, but it seems to happen.

Thats a wrap, but what are the weird things you have flush down the toilet.. Mine includes Eba.. haha... Broom sticks. Bars of bathing soap.. and grain of rice... 

Don't leave without writing yours. I want see them.

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