People and Characters that were named after Diseases

Diseases are often named after the first place they occurred like the Ebola Virus disease which is named after a river, More recently, some Arab countries were unhappy that a new disease caused by a coronavirus was dubbed Middle East respiratory syndrome and also the name which was first .. Although, WHO has released a new set of guidelines on how to name diseases so that it wouldn't affect a particular race. We will just discuss about this diseases and their um.... (please finish the sentence).


1. Rapunzel syndrome 

Well, we all remember the long hair Rapunzel from fairy tales well shes got her name here. People affected by this syndrome don't grow long hair like she did, instead they eat their hair, This hair is able to stay in the stomach for even years. When the doctors perform an operation to remove the hair from the digestive system, it comes out as a rope of hair which leads to the name Rapunzel's syndrome

2. Elizabethkingia

Named after an American biologist Elizabeth King. Although the ia at the end has nothing to do with her name. But still if would let a disease or bacteria be named after you. 

3. Lou Gehrig's disease 

Named after  the famous New York Yankees baseball player who was forced to retire developing the disease in 1939.

Lou Gehrig was not a scientist, and  he was also unhappy that the disease was named after him. The disease is characterized by a progressive degeneration of motor cells in the brain and spinal cord. As a result, muscles begin to waste away. The disease, however, does not impair a person's intellectual reasoning, vision, hearing, or sense of taste, smell, and touch. While it can appear at an earlier age, Lou Gehrig's disease typically develops between ages 40 and 70, but there is no clear cause. 

4. Fregoli syndrome

Named after a famous Italian performer Leopoldo Fregoli  who was able to perform in many different personalities and earned the name a man of a thousand faces. 

Well, the disease was perfectly describes him, it is a rare disorder in which a person becomes delusional and believes that different people are actually a single person in different disguises. Just the way Leopoldo Fregoli was a single person who performed in different personalities. 

5. Rip van Winkle or Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Sleeping beauty says it all, This is a rare disorder which is characterized by long hours of sleep associated with physical instability, hunger, and mental confusion. Sometimes the victims of this syndrome are affected by hyper-s'exu'ality. Although the cause is unknown the disease affects mainly teenagers.

There are many other disease which are named after people and things, some which have controversies, like swine flu which does not affect pigs but lead to the killing of a large no of pigs in 2009 

Other names of syndromes, disorders and diseases are: 

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome 

Peter Pan Syndrome

The Mad Hatter Syndrome (reference to the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland)

Werewolf Syndrome (a rare condition that has leave the patient coveted from head to toe in long hairs)

Othello Syndrome 

Dorian Gray Syndrome

Munchausen syndrome

And you know what there is still space and time to add your name to a great discovery (not just a disease). So get to work as you may be the first person to discover something new and amazing that will have your name stamped on it.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise. 
Please Comment, so that others may gain from your wisdom. 

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