Just One Sip of Alcohol Leaves Two Brothers Dead


We have been hearing about the do and dont's of alcohol for a long time... The consequences and benefits of alcohol is something you can find on so many websites.. But in case, it took a SINGLE drink of alcohol to send two teen brothers, years apart, to an early grave.

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The New Zealand brothers are the case study of a major Germany-based project that has found other families with the rare condition that means even the smallest amount of alcohol can be fatal.

The brothers, names withheld, were eight years apart in age, died just some hours after taking a small amount of alcohol. 

It is a family burden as these two boys are not the first case in the family. In Nigeria we call that a generational curse.. Well it is a curse alright. 

The first was 15, and he died in his sleep after a “minute amount” of alcohol consumed 25 years ago at dinner with neighbours, his mother Margaret said

His older brother fell victim to the family curse when he was 19 and had again had “one drink” to celebrate his new flatmate’s birthday.

The next morning, he too was dead.

“He had one drink and that was the end of him. He didn’t wake up the next day,” his father said.

They had always suspected that alcohol was to blame for the deaths, but it has taken 25 years to prove it.

All their children seemed to have had a severe sensitivity to alcohol from a young age — even cough syrup gave them a sore chest.

According to stuff.co.nz, PhD student Hannah Kennedy discovered both John and Margaret each carried different gene mutations, as did all of their children.

A team in Munich, Germany, confirmed the “seeming curse” they carry, Ms Kennedy said, as well as identifying four other families that had the same mutated genes.

Am even surprised myself while consuming this article, they are so many things that exist in this life that we haven't heard about and there are many more that we going to hear.. 

Who would know that a little alcohol could take the lives of those precious boys, when the daily recommended intake was two glasses..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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