How Swaddling Affects Your Baby For Mothers, Expectant Mothers and Ladies

The highly popular way of wrapping kids in blankets would be leading cause of the increase in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome also known as SIDS. Swaddling is a technique in which the infants is wrapped securely so that only his head is free.

Many parents believes it imitates how the child would feel in the womb and it helps calm them down. However the problem is Swaddling could make it harder for the baby to breath if the swaddled baby turns to lie its stomach or side.

A new meta-analysis compared four previous studies and found out that all the infants who died of SIDS, 17% had been swaddled. The risk of deaths doubled for children sleeping on their stomach or side when they were swaddled. Sudden death is more common among older infants now and the researchers think this would be because they are more likely to move from their back to their sides or stomach while sleeping.

For obvious article reasons the researchers didn't control who was swaddled and who wasn't which means the study is cor-relational and other factors may be at play. The researchers suggest that parents stop swaddling before a child turns six months old and parents should place a baby on its back to sleep.

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