Welcome to the World's Worst Hospital

When I went to the hospital to take a test, two things always strike me, the continuous smell of medicines and drugs which made me nauseous and The cleanliness of the hospital and its operatives which made the hospital very inviting. 

Worst Hospitals 

Well, this is not the case as I round up this sorry site of a hospital. Venezuela’s economy has been in free fall after the price of oil fell in January. The economic downturn has caused inflation to continue to rise in the South American country.

This means that the country’s hospitals cannot afford to be properly stocked with equipment and medicine. But socialist president Nicholas Maduro claims that the country’s healthcare system is the second best in the world. 

Unclean conditions

Well, as you can see above the case is totally different. Shocking pictures show patients lying in squalor, with few working pieces of equipment and a lack of drugs.

In operating rooms, patients wait for hours on bloodied beds. Hospitals in Venezuela often don’t have enough water to be able to clean the operating tables between surgeries.

Surgeons clean their own hands with bottles of carbonated water. The hospital has no working X-ray or kidney dialysis machines. Some people have to wait for days on end because the right equipment isn’t at the hospital.

Most of the critical drugs needed to save lives are only available on the black market. When the hospital experiences power cuts, the generator doesn’t work, so patients are submerged in darkness. 

Broken Hospital Windows, Man 

The failing hospital even has a room full of broken and smashed incubators. Doctors often have to pump air into the babies by hand until they are too exhausted to see. 

A doctor from the hospital Dr Leandro PĂ©rez said: “Some come here healthy, and they leave dead.”

Yet in the face of these horrific images, president Maduro maintains that the healthcare service is thriving.

He said: “I doubt that anywhere in the world, except in Cuba, there exists a better health system than this one.”
Unhealthy hospital conditions 

This is totally the opposite of what a hospital is like and supposed to be like. The safety, cleanliness and beauty of a hospital are all turned upside down here. ..

It would be welcomed if the President stops being duplicitous and responds to the nations Economic problems 

Pictures taken by the New York Times’ Meredith Kohut

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