Feeling Sleepy? Here is the Reason Why


Owww, feeling sleepy huh! I remember some nights when I was planning on doing some activity like reading at a particular time, but sleep keeps knocking vigorously knocking on my mind.

Well, scientists have now discovered the neurons responsible for making one feel sleepy after being awake for too long. Using fruit flies, which have brain structures which can be compared to that of humans, researchers found a group of neurons in the brain’s “ellipsoid body” that, when activated, put the flies to sleep. 

Scientists also found a way to deactivate the neurons using toxins and noted that flies with these silenced neurons slept just an average amount each night, even when deprived of sleep, according to a study published yesterday in Cell. 

Therefore, these neurons appear to be behind the "urge" of sleepiness you begin to feel after having been deprived of sleep for too long.

Scientists envision that a kind of deep-brain stimulation could be used one day to tinker with these sleepiness neurons in people with sleep-related disorders.

In other sense, if you are trying to stay awake and you are trying to sustain yourself without any form of caffeinated beverage then you will surely fall asleep..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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