Errors by Doctors Kills Almost As Many People As Heart Disease


Doctors from John Hopkins medical centre are trying to lower the number of deaths caused by medical errors

These medical errors include mistakes of inclusion and exclusion where surgeons leave medical tools in patients and improper diagnosis also with those associated with improper treatment, which may be due to untrained doctors or lack of adequate equipment and poor planning.

The Doctors argue that this mistakes are responsible for more dozens and less of deaths than any disease expect heart disease and cancer they also believe that there is a solution. Dr. Martin Makary argues that the billing codes used to record cause of death are designed to maximize billing rather than capture medical errors because of this we don't have much accurate data on medical errors.

Often the true cause of death is not reported because it does not fit the coding system, for example a patient who dies from surgical complications could have their cause of death listed an the initial ailment that required surgery and not the surgical complication that killed them

Makary and his colleagues believe more transparency in state organizations within the medical community
could help solve the problem.

Although no one is perfect I believe it would be right to state the real cause of death. Than to cover it up just to protect the medical centre's image. 

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