Did you know that your Brain works like a library?

You know what a library is right. A building or room containing a collection of books, sometimes films and recorded music.  

In a library books in which books which are connected to a subject are kept in a particular section. (for examples books that deal with Psychology, Health science, and pharmacy are all kept in the section that deals with medicine. Well your brain is not far from different. 

The human brain seems to process different words in different regions  depending on their meanings. Neuroscientists did an experiment prove this, they placed seven people into an MRI scanner and played them each 2 hours of The Moth Radio Hour, an amateur storytelling podcast. 

Words with similar meanings, such as those related to people or to places, lit up similar areas of the outer layers of the brains of listeners who heard heard them, according to the study in Nature. The pattern stayed consistent in each person, even down to the same areas being lit up for the same types of words. It appears to show that understanding language is not relegated to one part of the brain as has been commonly thought.

This also shows the co-ordination; and order of the brain, showing that information is processed in an orderly manner just like in a library.

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