Your Cell Phone Might Give You Cancer - New Study


There is a lot we do with cell phones these days, and there are a lot they can do for us. Sometimes it becomes an addiction. But the cell phone has been linked to various disease. 

New evidence has emerged about whether there is any connection between cell phones and an increase in the chance of developing cancer  in one of the biggest studies today, The National Toxicology Program looked at the big potential link between cell phone radiation and cancer.

Researchers subjected lab rats to the radiation and found that some rats developed Tumors in their brain and heart.
The report author said that given the widespread use of cell phones even a small increase of cancer from radiation could have broad implications for public health.
The findings will therefore cause to launch a new debate whether cell phones use can lead to cancer.

This is game changing and the first time we got evidence that radio waves from cell phones can actually cause cancer.

U.S Department of Health and Human Sevices Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed that the majority of studies so far have not linked cell phones to health problems.

Dr. Henry Freeman said "this is just an incomplete presentation of information and when you do that you raise far more questions about the validity of the results".

It is worth noting the incidence of brain cancer has not increased in the recent years despite the rapid increase in cell phone use. But if you are concerned about potential risks experts say you can keep the phone away from your head by using a Bluetooth or headphones.

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