Did You Know? Mom's Voice Works Like a Charm

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Moms are a charm and they are a boy's precious treasure. The speed in which a child recognizes his mother's voice is amazing, and scientists have taken it further to understand what happens in a child's brain when he hears his mother's voice.

The study from Standford University School of Medicine studied how children reacted to mom's voice by comparing it with a total stranger.

Kids were not only more engaged by mom's voice than a stranger's, scientists found, but this response was noted beyond just auditory areas of the brain.
In the study, two dozen children, ages 7 to 12, underwent an MRI brain scan while listening to short clips of useless-word recordings, some from the mothers and some from a stranger.

Even in audio clips less than a second long, kids could identify their mom's voices with 97 percent accuracy.

Parts of the brain related to emotion, reward processing, facial recognition and social functioning are also lit up by hearing from mom. In short, a child's ability to communicate socially is in a large way affected by how he or she reacts to mom's voice.

According to the scientists "Many of our social, language and emotional processes are learned by listening to our mom's voice,"

Also A study back in 2010 suggested that teenagers going through a stressful time were almost instantly soothed by hearing mom's voice on the phone, because the conversation helped reduce a key stress hormone and released oxytocin, a feel-good brain chemical believed to play a role in forming bonds.

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