Here is What will Happen when you are shot in the Head

Is it really painful? Those who have felt it may not have a chance to tell the story, I mean we are not Superman or The Flash who are able to see things in slow motion and react quickly. You may not even see it coming, I reckon what you will see is a cloud of smoke, because the average bullet travels at 2,500 feet per second (around 1,700 mph). If you reacted to the sound of the gun going off and required 0.20 seconds (twice that of the fastest Olympic sprinters) to react, then you would need to be at least 500 feet away to successfully dodge a bullet.

Now Here is What Really Happens?

The bullet  slides past hair, skin and muscle before it smashes into one of eight cranial bones engineered to keep your brain safe. But ouch Bullet breaks bones. The bullets entrance into your skull makes easy fragments of these bones. The closer you are to the bullet, the more the gun's smoke and powder could burn your flesh.

Now as the bullet travels deeper into your Central Command Base. The connective tissue and fibrous membranes that act as internal cushioning are split open just before the bullet dives into your cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid serves as a shock absorber. It, with some other structures, allows you to ride roller coasters and do other stuff without injury.

The bullet travels through your brain faster than the speed at which your tissues tear. This means that it's actually pushing tissues out of the way, stretching them beyond their breaking points. Bullets traveling at thousands of feet per second will exit your body before your tissues have a chance to rip.

Leaving trauma and destruction in its wake, the bullet rips your brain off it capabilities in a second.  When the tearing finally does happen, your tissues will snap back toward the initial opening and overshoot their original position.
If you were shot in the heart, your blood pressure would quickly drop, but it would take 10 to 15 seconds to lose brain function.  But a shot to the brain is different. Your brain stops functioning almost immediately. In just a fraction of a second, you're gone.

So will you feel Pain?

When the bullet hits the skin of the head, it causes pain. But by the time the pain signals reach the brain where it is registered as pain, the bullet already has passed through and destroyed vital structures in the brain rendering the person essentially unconscious, with death following soon after.

The brain has no pain receptors and an unconscious person cannot feel pain.

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