5 Things every human must know about eye health and eye exams


It is important continuously go for medical check up to know the status of our health, and this will help for quick and better treatment in case of any diagnosed condition  Here Dr. Todd Wilbee gives answers to certain questions about medical check up for your eyes and why they are so important.

Dr. Todd Wilbee is an optometrist  who sees patients in Windsor and Essex County.

(Optometrists are independent, primary health care providers who examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures as well as diagnose related systemic conditions.)

He recently spoke to CBC Radio's Windsor Morning about why it is important to go for eye exams and the kind of health problems that can be detected by professionals like himself.

Q: Why are eye exams so important?

"Eye exams are very important as they not only test how well you see, but also to check the health of the eye for any eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. and also other for signs of other chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes which could be present in a healthy eye." said Wilbee.

Q: How often should the average adult get an eye exam?

"The average adult should be tested at least once every two years, unless they have any certain chronic conditions — diabetes being one — in that case they would need annual testing," Wilbee said.

Q: Why is two years 'the magic number' for these exams?
"A lot of insurance plans cover adults every two years and it's just been kind of accepted that every two years is the recommended frequency," Wilbee said.

Q: Are there certain foods that we can eat that help our eyes?"Essential vitamins are right enough as they help to reduce inflammation of the eye and also help in the regeneration of the cells at the back of the eye," Wilbee said.

Q: Outside of regular examinations, what are some things that people can do to keep their eyes healthy?

Wilbee said a healthy diet and getting the proper amount of exercise are important, but he had other tips to share, too.

He said that it would be wise if smokers quit their smoking habit to help their eyes. In addition, limiting your exposure to Ultraviolet light from the sun to the eye would be helpful to protect your eyes as it is harmful to look directly at the sun.


I believe you now have a basic understanding why your eyes exams and important and how to care for your eyes to reduce the risk of diseases 

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