Zika Virus is Linked to Microcephaly - WHO Confirms

A baby born with microcephaly
A Baby born with Microcephaly

WHO has now confirmed that Zika Virus is connected with microcephaly, a birth defect in which the babies are born with brain damage and and usually small heads. 

Scientists have been working for months to confirm a link between Zika and microcephaly, ever since Brazil reported a high increase in cases..Miscarriages and risk of various types of birth defects appears to have increased due to Zika infection. Also the virus has been found in the brain of the affected babies.

But all this evidence was circumstantial, until recently when WHO and CDC agreed that there enough proof that Zika is linked to microcephaly.

"At this point the most pressing question people want answered is, 'If I get a Zika infection during pregnancy what are the chances my baby is going to be affected?' " says Dr. Anne Schuchat, the deputy director of the CDC. "We really feel a sense of urgency to both answer that question and to help stop the spread of the virus."
Currently, cases have been reported in 33 countries in South America and it has sickened thousands of people. 

This development will surely lead to increased concentration and seriousness to handling the Zika Virus as it does not only affect us now but also affects the upcoming generation. 

Scientists are already performing lots of research to find a cure for the virus and also how to help babies who have already been infected by the virus leading to microcephaly.
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