Your Sim Card Can Harm Your Child! See How

Sim Cards 

Technology has done so much for us, more than just improving our standard of living, it has also improved our lifespan and survival skills with improved medical care. But sadly as we all know anything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Technology has also improved weapons of destruction and hazards both for grownups, teenagers and infants. 

Lets talks about this hazard which practically is in 70% of homes today. Most of you probably don't know this, But its your SIM Card. Their shiny surfaces attract children at a time when they are developing hand-to-mouth skills.

Well according to statistics stated by the head of surgery Red Cross Children's Hospital, Children who have ingested a foreign body are the fifth largest group of patient in the pediatric emergency departments. 

Developing children are attracted to shiny and colourful objects, they are inquisitive and tend to explore objects with their hands mouth and are prone to ingestion accidents, Shiny and Colourful objects are mostly what find a way in their hands and mouth, and most of these objects are dangerous and not play toys. 

Children who have ingested a foreign body are the fifth largest group of patients arriving at pediatric emergency departments‚ say the head of surgery at Red Cross Children's Hospital‚ Alp Numanoglu‚ and his colleagues Sebastian van As and Richard England.

"Toddlers and young children are inquisitive and tend to explore objects with their mouths‚ and are therefore inherently prone to ingestion accidents‚" they say. "Button batteries are a particular concern."

The surgeons at the Red Cross Hospital recently spoke of an eight-month-old girl which they treated. She had been vomiting for two days, "her mother said she witnessed her grasp and swallow a SIM card two weeks earlier" they said

An abdominal scan detected the SIM card‚ and it was removed under general anesthetic.

"Small size, Shiny body, widespread availability and disposal of these cards result in the increasingly exposure of infants to these hazards,' the surgeons say. 

Parents you need to monitor your children inside and outside the home, as young infants are attracted very many things most shiny and colourful objects, and one way or the other it will find a way into their system.

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