Your purpose in life can make you live up to 1000 years

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Long life is something that many people strive for, I say many and not all because some people after achieving their purpose in life feels like its all over and that they can now die peacefully. 

Well we are going to talk about that Purpose in Life. This post is supported by a survey that was published in December, 2015. 

Whats your purpose in life? 

My purpose is to use my blog to reach every one in Africa with up to date health news and help them stay healthy and stay wise with my posts which exposes key complications in their lifestyles leading to a healthier, wiser and happier world. 

According to the survey having a purpose in life might protect your heart and add more years to your life. Scientists found that people who felt strongly that they were on earth for a purpose and that their lives had meaning had a lower risk for heart disease and death during the period of the study.

Although its unclear how exactly having a sense of purpose might guard your heart, but the scientists said strategies to help people find meaning in their lives might help improve their health.
Trying to examine the link between purpose in life and the lowered risk for heart disease, the researchers analyzed 10 previous studies consisting of 136,000 people from Japan and the US with an average age of 67.

The study made a staggering discovery, as researchers found out that people reporting a higher sense of purpose in life had about 20 percent lower risk of death during the study period and also the had a lower risk for heart problems

More research is needed to determine exactly how having a sense of purpose in life enhances health, but the study authors suggested that it may help shield the body from responses to stress. It may also promote a healthier lifestyle.

However, the study did not prove that there’s a cause-and-effect relationship between a sense of purpose and longer life.

But, I think you should understand this yourself, If you have a purpose in life you would want to achieve that purpose no matter what it takes, you would want to live life till the end because you feel your life is meaningful in every sort of way.. 

Staying healthy and living long is not something thats complicated, its the power we have in our hands. 

Get a purpose today if you lacked one before. if your life means nothing to you then it means something to me. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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