You can be Breathing Wrongly! How to Correct it Today

Breathing I mean it seems so surprising, but there is a right way of breathing which many of us barely get right.

It has to do with if we are inhaling or exhaling correctly, now we should take this seriously and not just say that breathing comes naturally, as breathing correctly helps calm the mind, which can rest the body, all these translate to positive benefits to your mental health which is important to overall health.

Elizabeth Petyon-Jones, author of "Cook Yourself Young" place more emphasis on this by saying that, if you are not breathing deep enough, you are lacking much of the required oxygen, and also not pumping oxygen around the body as supposed to. This is not good as your body requires oxygen to perform all its functions.

When you breathe correctly, your energy levels are high, and neck and shoulders are relaxed, which can help with digestion, she said.

Now you may ask.

How am I supposed to breathe?

Well, Picture inhaling and exhaling deeply, watching your belly push itself in and out. This helps you focus on the act of breathing — and meditation. she said

No matter where you are breathing correctly should be a priority, whether waiting for a taxi, sitting at a desk or relaxing at home.

Some people actually breathe quite shallow, when its supposed to be deep, others barely breathe at all.

You should actually see your chest and stomach moving, and should be able to feel the breath coming out of your mouth. 

Even focusing for just five breaths can lead to improvement.

"If you just concentrate on where you're getting the breath from, it gets deeper," she said, and that type of dynamic breathing can help with digestion.

You have read the importance of breathing today, I believe and hope you will start applying it to your life right now.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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