Yellow Fever Virus Causing Worldwide Concerns

Dr. Margret Chan of the W.H.O.
Dr. Margaret Chan of the W.H.O

Diseases have been spiraling  for some time now and African Counties seem to just can't stay out of thier way. Mosquito borne diseases have been the major concern as these diseases seem to not only African countries but the world as a whole.

The Yellow fever Outbreak which is threatening the African country and also seeming a threat to other countries including China, is just showing how unprepared the world is at fighting two mosquito-borne epidemics at once.

The outbreak in Angola which is known to have taken over 200 lives has already emptied the WHO emergency stockpile of yellow fever vaccine.

CDC has said it cannot give Africa as much help as it normally would as most of its mosquito-disease experts are fighting the Zika virus in Brazil, Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

Yellow fever usually kills about 3 percent of its victims, although some epidemics have had much higher mortality rates.

After a calculation by John P. Woodall of how much yellow fever vaccine the world has and how much it would be able to produce in the year, he said that if the disease spreads to parts of Asia with the right climate and mosquitoes, "hundred of thousands would perish before the any vaccine produced would be boosted and delivered.

This has caused so much concern for the W.H.O. that Dr. Margaret Chan, its director-general, flew to Angola this week to draw attention to the crisis.

Yellow fever which normally circulates in monkeys, spread to the Angolan capital, Luanda,  this December. The virus had normally affected humans living in jungle villages, mining areas and logging camps.

Yellow fever is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which also carry Zika, dengue, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis and other diseases. 

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Already more than 5 million Angolans have been vaccinated and cases in its Capital dropped. But there is a growing concern in a third of the country's provinces, and also new cases have turned up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya and in China. 

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