What your eyes says about your Health


The eyes are often called the window to the soul, and they give out a lot of emotions, (mostly those which we are trying to hide), ranging from different colours like blue, green, brown and black, well blue being my most attractive choice. 

Now whenever the body is attacked by a foreign one (germs) the white blood cells go into action to protect the body from the germs, but if the cells are subdued and the germs is able to cause damage, signs and symptoms arise from different parts of our body warning of an upcoming disease.

The eyes are part of the body which shows signs and symptoms of an attack helping us know whether we are in good health or not.

Now here is what your eyes say about your health \

red eyes

Red Eyes 

According to ophthalmologist Rebecca J. Taylor, MD, Red eyes would mean different things, the one we get from a fight and the one we wake up with after sleep, Well a red eye with a blotch of blood on the white part (sclera) of the eye is usually just a bruise under the eye surface called subconjunctival hemorrhage and supposedly will clear up in a few weeks.

Now itchy, red and watery eyes, may just be allergies which tear drops and eyes drops should help with. 

However, redness of the eye sometimes can signal a more serious eye condition or disease, such as uveitis or glaucoma.

twitchy eyes 

Eye Twitch 

A twitching eyelid is an annoying and common symptom.  It’s called eyelid myokymia. Most often there's no definite cause and it should go away by itself. It may be linked to too little sleep, stress or  too much caffeine. Make simple lifestyle changes in those areas.

It could also mean you should bathe more (mostly at night) as the number of eye mites might be on the increase on your eyes.  Click here for What are Eye mites and how they affect your eyes
But if your eye twitches continuously for more than a week and or includes other parts of your face then you should see your doctor.

Tired eyes

Tired Eyes 

Tired eyes are due to straining your eyes continuously to stare at things like your computer screen.
The remedy to this is to look 20 feet or more away from your computer which the Doctor calls the 20-20-20 exercise.
Every 20 minutes or so, look about 20 feet or more away from your computer, and let your eyes linger for about 20 seconds. Find something that can be a target for your eyes, and that will break the spasm — or even prevent it,

If you feel no relief  or your eyes are just dry try to moisten them with artificial tears, if you still feel the same then you might need glasses especially if your are over forty. 

Clog under the eyes 

Though this might look like a tumor under the skin, but its usually nothing serious, it's actually nothing more than a blocked oil gland. Known as a chalazion, this hard, painless mass typically comes up quickly over a few days and is most common in people with oily skin.

eye cancer

Skin Cancer

Various cancerous cells can show up in the eyelid and the one above is Basal cell carcinomas, where it causes a sore that doesn't heal and the loss of eyelashes and is something which should not be ignored. Although this form of Skin cancer is not usually fatal, it can cause blindness, severe disfigurement and even death if the cells ever reach the brain through the eye socket.

cloudy or blurred vision 

Cloudy or Blurred Vision 

Cloudy or Blurred vision is a sign of cataract, a medical condition of blurred vision because the lens of the eyes becomes progressively opaque. This is mostly common in old people and can be corrected with surgery. 

But, if it arises in younger people it is a different case as it can because by variety of conditions including diabetes and tumors and also side effects form certain medications.

droopy eyes

Droopy Eyes

The thin tissues on the eyelids can take a hooded appearance as you age. Although, it is normal as long as it happens in both eyes. 

But in a situation whereby one or both of your eyelids droops over or towards your pupil, you should contact your doctor. As it could be a sign of of myasthenia gravis - an autoimmune disease which causes by muscle weakness. 


Inability to see small text Clearly

If you are over 40 and unable to see small text clearly, its probably normal as the eyes starts to change at that age due to presbyopia (farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, occurring typically in middle and old age).

The next you should do is to call your doctor, as it may be a sign of diseases without obvious symptoms like retinal disease or glaucoma, which can lead to blindness. 


Pupils of different sizes and Droopy Eyes

This is a very dangerous combination and you should contact your doctor is you see this condition when you look in your mirror. This is known as Horner's syndrome, which sometimes may be associated with tumors in the neck and aneurysms.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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