Staring too long at your computer screen can harm your health

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We have all heard how reading with dim light seriously affects your eyes, how sitting too close to the TV also affects your eyes, etc well sitting, staring at a computer isn't great for your eyes or spine because you bend to read the information with tiny characters.

Your eyes are very powerful and so well crafted that they are more clear than any man made camera, but these eyes are not built for your typical workday (like mine for example) as said by a Las Vegas based Ophthalmologist Dr. Paul Casey (An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are both surgical and medical specialists, in case you didn't know.

Maybe, you have heard that sitting and staring at your computer screen for so long is not so good for your health, and you practice short breaks in which you look away for some period of time. Well according to Dr. Paul Casey that isn't enough, right way is to simply switch focus, such as looking 20 feet or farther away a few times an hour , as this will help reduce the strain.

To hit nail on the head, he gave a further definition of what staring at your computer screen really means, Try staring at your palm at a distance of 3 inches from your eyes, you will feel the strain of trying to see the lines on your palm clearly. Well, try taking your palm farther and now stare at the lines. Do you see them Clearly? This is because you eyes relax and your muscles aren't so strained and working hard.

When working for long periods of time at a computer, the ciliary muscle (in the eyes) needs to contract to focus, Casey said "This muscle can get cramped (lets say because it has overworked) and when this happens it can actually become hard to uncramp, making your eyes feel achy and tired. .

As stated above the remedy to this is to look 20 feet or more away from your computer which the Doctor calls the 20-20-20 exercise.

Every 20 minutes or so, look about 20 feet or more away from your computer, and let your eyes linger for about 20 seconds. Find something that can be a target for your eyes, and that will break the spasm — or even prevent it, Casey said.

Well you may ask how far is far enough, well definitely not looking at your coffee tea. look at something up to or more than 240 inches or 6 meters. 

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