Scientists Creates Artificial Skin


Burn victims face an aftermath trauma as their skin becomes disfigured in a sort of way, well thanks to scientists who are always working to make the world a better place, they have been able to produce artificial skin which replicates the functions of real skin, giving this victims a hope of a life with a normal skin. 

The skin was grown using stem cells, and it resembles real skin, containing hair follicles and glands that secrete oil and will used on burn victims replacing the current method of taking skin from a different part of the victim's body or from a different individual.  

Scientists from the RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology (CDB), Tokyo University of Science and also including other institutions in Japan were able to implant these tissues into living mice. The tissue connected properly with other systems and organs such as muscle fibres and nerves. 

The procedure was a long complicated process, but progress is being made

In a statement made by Takashi Tsuji of the RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology, he said "Until now the development of artificial skin has been hampered since the skin lacks the important organs such as exocrine glands and hair follicles, which allows the skin to play its important role in regulation, With this new technique, we have created skin that is a duplicate of the normal tissue.

This has put the world one step closer to the dream of being able to recreate organs in the lab for transplant and has also given hope to burn victims who have been scared during the incident.
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