Diabetes Can be Prevented Through Simple Lifestyle


Health officials have said that over 80 percent cases of diabetes could have been delayed or prevented through maintaining a normal body weight and regular physical activity.

An estimated figure of 69.2 million people in Indians are diabetics as estimated by the International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015. Between 20 and 70 years in the population, up to 8.7 percent are estimated to be diabetics. However, nearly half of the 69.2 million diabetics are unaware of this disease. In 2014 the disease itself claimed 2 percent out of an estimated 9.8 deaths
"Simple lifestyle measures like regular physical activity and maintaining a normal body weight have been shown to be efficient in delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes; ; and avoid tobacco use,"  WHO Representative to India, Henk Bekadam said during a briefing to announce the theme for World Health Day which comes up on April 7, 2016.

"Increased access to medical care services affordable diagnosis Early screening and treatment and empowering the patient for self management are also essential components of the control of diabetes," He added.

An estimated no of deaths in India, 51,700 in females and 79,500 in males between the ages of 30 - 69 is due to diabetes.

"There is good proof that type 2 diabetes can be prevented by simple lifestyle methods, by engaging in regular physical activities, maintaining a healthy diet and body weight." Deputy Commissioner, Health Ministry Damodar Bachani, said.

You need to enlightened yourself about what is going on around you, many of us eat without planning a diet, we live our lives without carrying out exercises and listening to the signs our body shows us, which is wrong. Many diseases today are preventable is we are alert and cautious of our health. Boost your immune system today. 

Prevention is better than Cure

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise
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