Caning, Spanking your child may cause him problems later on


In Africa specifically Nigeria, it rare to hear that a child did not undergo any form of discipline which include smacking or caning. Even you reading the post at this moment might have undergone one form of discipline or the other from your parents.

Well a new research is supposedly going against that from of discipline, suggesting that children who are smacked by there parents (as a form of discipline) are more likely to have anti-social behaviour problems as well as mental issues once they grow.

You may ask as is that possible, because me myself I know that the discipline in which my parents gave to me has made me the respectful and cautious person I am today. 

Well the researchers used the term "spanking" to identify an action such as "hitting the child on their buttocks or extremities using an open hand (i.e slapping or other forms). The negative side effects of this form of discipline was recorded in a meta-analysis of 50 years worth of research conducted on more than 160,000 children in a study which was undertaken by researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Texas. 

The negative effects may be cognitive difficulties and increased aggression, anti-social behaviour, more externalising problems, low self esteem. which is found within adults in the study.

The researchers argued that spanking is a widespread form of discipline used to correct misbehaviour yet one should debate its effectiveness and appropriateness. And also the study found no evidence that spanking a child leads to improved child behaviour but rather the opposite.

The researchers ask the Parents who use spanking as a form of discipline and Practitioners who recommend it to reconsider given that there is not evidence it has positive effects on the child development

Research by UNICEF records that around the world 80 per cent of children are subjected to some form of routine hitting or beating as a form of discipline.

In the UK, it is legal for parents to smack children as a form of punishment providing no physical markings such as bruising or bleeding are incurred.

But here in Nigeria, I believe its just the opposite, although not everyone can agree that having strict and reasonable parents is the best. But, it has led to respectful generation here in Nigeria. 

What do you say?

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