Are we Safe? What happens to bullet in the air!


The age of bow and arrows is over and a new era has evolved, well not so much of an appreciable era. Bullets are the new form of artillery, which gets the job done from a distance, but this weapon is so dangerous that it is limited a military personnel (including police).

But am not here to blabber about the negative or positive effects of this mechanism, we are talking about what happens  when bullets gets into the air.

Here is what I mean, in the military, during some official celebrations (and sadly by robbers) these people shoot bullets into the air to mark an occasion. 

But what happens to this bullets in the air and is it as dangerous as when shot directly?

Bullets shot in the air are dangerous (although not as dangerous as those shot directly), as the saying goes whatever goes up must come down.

Lets compare it with playing a ball into the air. Now you notice that the force first applied when you kicked the ball into the air is greater than the force which the ball used to hit the ground. 

bullet speed  

The bullet travels at a great speed into the air, then it begins to lose its energy and gets to a point where it cannot no longer oppose the force of gravity (the force that pushes everything down to the ground), then it falls back down at a lower speed compared to when it was shot out of the gun. 

But bullets in the air pose a danger, as although they fall at a much lower speed than which they left the gun, Injuries linked to bullets shot in the air have been identified according to Discovery channel show Mythbuster which were able able to identify two people who had been injured by falling bullets, one of them fatally injured.

Stay away from these places where you hear bullets are shot in the air, I believe this act should be banned among military personnel or restricted to safe zones. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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