Zika Virus Associated with Serious Birth Defect

 Pregnant Expectant Mother

The New phenomenon Zika Virus, which is spread by an Infected Aedes Mosquito, has now been known to cause a serious birth defect in women in the first trimester of pregnancy (although not proven).

The chances of the birth defect known as Microcephaly affecting the unborn child is roughly 1 in a 100 (one percent), which is also high. 

This was the product of a new study which is also the first to give a correct and accurate estimate of dangers and risks associated with the virus.

The study focused on prevalence of birth defects during a recent outbreak of the virus in French Polynesia. The region has a small population making it quite easy for researchers to collect all the relevant cases. During the outbreak between 2013 and 2015 there were eight cases of microcephaly, with seven of these occurring over the last four months of this period.

The researchers used this data to create the estimated risks associated with the Zika Virus. However, the study does not take into record other abnormalities and risks that may be associated with the virus, and its researchers warn that the risks and dangers may differ from outbreak to outbreak.

The co-author of the Study Arnaud Fontanet added that: "The one percent we describe here is not the end of the story." 

Remember although Zika virus is a less deadly viral infection, it should not be taken lightly, step up your protection and always Stay Healthy, Stay Wise
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