The Latest! Drinking Alcohol Offers No Significant Health Benefits


Most Adults take alcohol already, a little or a lot But Does taking Alcohol benefit you healthwise. 

Well whenever we feel stressed, depressed or frustrated some of us take a drink to calm ourselves or let us think straight, now when we do feel alright. that might make us think that this has benefited us by calming our nerves. 

Well a review done by Tim Stockwell, University of Victoria's Centre for Addictions Research in British Columbia states otherwise. 

It is advised to take at most two standard alcoholic drinks per day for males or one for the females for alcoholic drinks of any kind. .

The review in the March issue of the Journal of Studies of Alcohol and Drugs expands on his work on classifying abstainers. A problem arises when grouping those who abstain with former drinkers who quit or necessary cut back as their health deteriorated. The health and life expectancy of surviving moderate drinkers ends up looking better in comparison.

"Alcohol should be taken for pleasure," Stockwell said. "But if you drink because of your health, you're deluding yourself."

A conclusion that came about from the review was that a "skeptical position is warranted" when it comes to alcohol's net health benefits. Researchers often did a unimpressive job of asking about alcohol use and accounting for other protective factors among drinkers, such as eating more fruits and vegetables and wealth, Stockwell said.

When the quality of studies was considered, the researchers found no substantial difference in death risk for any drinking group except for a raised danger for higher volume drinkers having 65g or more of alcohol a day.

Jurgen Rehm of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health knows how hard it is to study abstinence. He's observed a disconnect among survey respondents who report never in their lives having drunk alcohol but who previously said they were prior or current drinkers.

There's significant public interest in whether light drinking is protective or harmful, as well as commercial implications, Rehm said.

Rehm called the message of health benefits from light alcohol consumption "exaggerated."

"In my view, alcohol should not be taken for health benefits," Rehm said. "Those who drink lightly, if they stay almost importantly to one drink per day, no real problem. I would not advise them to stop."

From this review I hope we understand that alcohol does not give any substantial health benefit to you

Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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