The Ebola Virus is no Longer a Threat - WHO

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It will be what I call a heart warming news, when WHO disclosed on Tuesday that the Ebola virus which was a massive pandemic that hit West Africa is no longer a worldwide threat.  

This decision came although with new cases were discovered  in Guinea, which WHO has claimed is not a problem as the Guinea Government are well prepared this time.

It means the disease is not thought to be a significant public health threat to countries outside of those affected in West Africa.

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And all original chains of Ebola transmission have ended in the three West African countries that were plagued by the disease. Following this development, there should be no restrictions to do trade or travel within and with out the West African countries It says

The Ebola Virus is contagious disease which was first discovered in the Ebola river in what is now called The Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976. It is spread by direct physical contact with an infected person, although infected humans are not contagious until they start showing symptoms of the infection. The first symptoms include muscle pain, sore throat and headache. The deadly virus is carried in the vomit, saliva and blood of the infected person, meaning that family and loved ones who care for the sick person is likely to contact the infection.

The virus has also been detected in the semen of males who survived the diseases and WHO cautioned that they may be able to infect their partners sexually even after a year of recovering.

The outbreak which happened in 2014 in West Africa was the most complex and largest outbreak since the virus was first discovered. A record of over 11,000 deaths were recorded for Ebola, with more up to 10,000 survivors of the disease.

It is definitely a relief, that the once terrible threat which seemed to sweep life out of West Africa has been contained and disposed off.

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