Did You Sleep Well? Today is World Sleep Day!

 Children need at least 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is a very important period of our lives, all living things do sleep but what matters is the hours we sleep. As children we must sleep for at least 8 hours at night and as adults at least 6 hours at night.

Well today, is World Sleep Day and the giant of Africa is not left out in marking this honourable global celebration, experts have also called for the awareness of quality sleep saying that good leaders sleep well. 

The expert stated that good leaders sleep well and supporting their statement was findings from a study which stated that for example Bill Gates the world's richest man, Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc, and US President Obama, always make sure to they get up to 7 hours of sleep daily at an average.

On a forum set up by a mattress making company Vitafoam Nigeria Plc much about good sleep was  talked about, the Group Managing Director, Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi  added that your good sleeping habit are essential for health promotion.

A sound mind leads to a sound body, we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping so it is something we should take seriously, quality sleep gives us a sound mind and enable us to carry out the daily activities adequately. 

There are a lot of things inadequate sleep can cause you. For instance it affects your eating habit, by making you eat more, and also it affects your efficiency in running the day to day activities. 

Adults need at least 6 hours of sleep

As workers we may not be inclined to up to 8 hours of sleep, but remember that you must get at least 6 hours of sleep daily no matter what, great men and women don't deprive themselves of sleep as we have seen from the three examples above. 

Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise and happy World Sleep Day... Trying sleeping for 10 hours just to honour the day. *winks*
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