Chewing Stick is just as good as your Toothbrush

Mercy Ojo
Mercy Ojo
I bet most of you don't use a chewing stick nowadays, yes we all use the toothbrush, mouthwash and or floss. Modern technology has improved our lifestyle and trade all old traditional styles for seemingly new and better ones. But that does not mean old traditional methods are now useless or not as good as the modern methods.

The Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria has stated that a chewing stick is just as good as your toothbrush. The board had stressed that traditional methods are also efficient in maintaining oral hygiene and also safe The Acting Registrar of the Board also added that chewing sticks if not better are just as good when it comes to keeping your mouth clean.

She also recommended certain types of chewing sticks, Pako Orogbo or Pako Ewuro, which she said removes the coat of the tongue and acts as a cleaning agent

Chewing sticks seem to have more benefits as she added certain types of chewing sticks perform certain functions which help promote health of the individual. Ojo a Dental Therapist noted more benefits gotten from chewing sticks like it cleans the teeth, acts as an appetizer, although other forms of chewing sticks like Pako Pupa or Pako Dudu cleans the teeth but it also discolours it. 

She also revealed the effects of poor oral hygiene stated that many people in Nigeria fail to brush at least twice a day which is important for good oral hygiene. Also he stated that the idea of brushing after your meal, adding that instead of the normal brushing before breakfast, we should just wash our mouth in the morning and do the brushing after breakfast, since many of us do forget to brush after the meal which will lead to bad breath.

More on the issue she stressed the effects of not brushing before at night before sleep giving bacteria a chance of feed and thrive in your mouth, and we should visit the dentist at least twice a year for checks to make sure we are free and safe of infections.

Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise. 

When was the last time you used a chewing stick? Mine was like 7 years ago. 

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