Why I can't remember being a baby

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Yes! why can't I remember being a baby? It's very easy to recall past events —birthdays, school graduations, even marriages — yet who can remember being a baby? Crying, Pooping and giving mom a lot of work.
Researchers have tried for a long time, more than a century to identify the cause of  what is known as “infantile amnesia.”.

Many different things have been blamed as the causes, but here are 4 hypothesis why you can't remember you baby days.

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1. Your Language Was Limited

Some Psychologists blame the memory loss in linguistic terms - since we haven't been able to develop our speech properly, the memories were never really stored. When you were little you barely knew the names of the things you know today. So you memories are less vivid because the world seems different.

But also know that we don't need language to form memories,  but we need language to be able to rehearse and memorize it. For example if you want to remember a particular situation, you need to remind yourself over and over again of that situation least you forget.


2. Your Brain Was Underdeveloped

When you were a baby your brain certainly was developing.

Two of our brain systems responsible for making memories - the temporal lobe and hippocampus were already well developed by the time we were age 1. But the prefrontal cortex isn't fully developed until we are in our early twenties.
According to Neuroscientists this region of the brain helps us to form Many neuroscientists argue that infants can’t lay down long-term memories because their brains aren’t fully developed.

As infants, we can certainly make some types of memories. In fact, two of our brain systems necessary for memory-making – the hippocampus and the medial temporal lobe – are pretty well developed by the time we’re a year old. However, the prefrontal cortex doesn’t completely mature until our early twenties. Neuroscientists believe this region of the brain helps us form memories of different events, that is what has happened to us at different times and places. Even before this cortex is fully developed we may be able to recall certain events, but we wont be able to create complete scenes of them into memory

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3. You Had No Sense of Self

This hypothesis is supported by an experiment by a Psychologist Hark Howe.

He tested whether babies were able to recognize themselves in a mirror. Then he gave them a stuffed animal to play with and told them to put it in a drawer.

The infants were brought back two weeks later, and it was discovered that only the infants who were able to recognize themselves in the mirror were able to remember where they had kept the stuffed animal, while those who couldn't recognize themselves couldn't remember.

4. You Had No Retrieval Cues

Some psychologists seem to think that the reason for infant amnesia is because we just simply have trouble remembering those days. When you were a child learning how to speak and walk, the world seemed different, when you were trying to identify things only by familiarity and now you know things by their names. When you played with stuffed animals and now you play with much bigger toys.

The world looks different now that you are grown up compared to when you were a baby. So as there is nothing to trigger those memories of mommy giving you breast milk or pap, we just forget.

But I believe my baby days were fun, being the first son, I know my parents must have seen me as more precious than an egg.

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