Top 6 Reasons why women prefer to make love at night

Most of you already know what am talking about. Men are ready to go at it anytime, and almost anywhere. Be it at dawn or at the heat of the noon, but women seem to be different, They seem to be in the mood only in the dark of the night.
Night Time

You might say maybe its one of their confusing natural behaviors we men fail to understand. But the reason for this is not the same for every women.

So take a dive into the five reasons why your woman prefers to make love at night.

Getting Ready 
1. Getting Ready

Rather than being woken up from sleep in the morning to before the act women are much more prepared to go down on it in the night. She can prepare a romantic scene like spraying an attractive perfume, wear some tempting clothes (lingerie) and get ready for some good loving. There is a definite boost in their confidence when they are prepared for something as it gives them less to worry about.

 Hormone Levels 
2. Hormonal Levels 

At this time a mans testosterone levels are at its peak, while women also produce this testosterone, but it is at a very low level in the morning, making it less likely for a woman to make love very early in the morning 

Better Sleep  
3. Better sleep:

Spasms experienced during love making releases anti-depressant hormones like seretonin, this helps you feel better and sleep better after love making, For women who have to rise early to deal with work and house chores, she requires the best quality of sleep she can harness. So it definitely makes sense why you requires it to be done in the night rather than in the morning.

Love in the Dark 

4. The Dark Boosts Her Confidence

Okay Definitely, women are hot, but not all of them feel the same way about themselves. Some women are so insecure about themselves and prefer to make love in the dark, at this time she feels secure and much more confident as she no longer has to worry about how she looks to her partner, which will thereby lead to a mind blowing experience.

5. Relaxation

As said above love making releases feel good hormones (anti-depressants) which makes us feel good about ourselves and ensures a good night sleep. After a tiring and stressful day a woman would require all the relaxation and sleep she can get, Love making is a great way to make her relax and also feel loved, and there is no better time to get this rest and sleep than in the night.

6. Mood

The dark quiet nights, huh, No everyone wants to be watched while making love, and so at night (dark) which seems to be the most private time of all is definitely the right time for them, As she no longer has to worry about the people around her and get comfty with you.

Certainly we men just need a place while women need a reason. Understanding the wants and needs of a woman is not small deal. Communication is definitely the key

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I know you ladies and gentlemen are thinking about it now  

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