Top 6 reasons why women choose to be Different

Girls, Friends
Why would a woman leave the love, attention and pleasure a man would give and choose to be attracted to other women? 
I have asked myself this question lot of times until I recently came across so many reasons, some told to me by various women, others I discovered myself.

Definitely, not all men are caring, listening and understanding. 

In fact the modern day man is more interested in making a living and intimacy than spending precious time attending to a woman's emotional needs.

With all that being said let’s take a look at 6 reasons why women choose to be with other women in relationships.
Violence against Women
1. Family Background

I made this the first reason because I believe it is the most common. Women who come from backgrounds in which they were exposed to violence by their father or male siblings or in which the father unnecessarily uses the mother as a punching bag would certainly want to avoid the harassment and brutality in the future.

They tend to see all men as cruel and violent which may lead to a strong hatred for them. With this perspective they prefer to relieve themselves of pleasure with their fellow women who are seemingly less violent.  
Messy Room
2. Guys can be Messy and Unwelcoming

I mean we can be very messy (not all of us though), boxers here, shirts there, half eaten snacks and their wrappers on the table and worst of all body odour. 

And since most women are clean freaks they are so particular with how clean and tidy you are, and especially how you smell. A man who smells and is so messy is a huge turn off for women.

Worst of all some men have body odour in the one place they should not have (the pubic region). Imagine a woman about to perform mouth action on you and her nose sends off a red alarm because of a foul smell. Ugh. To think of the millions of bacteria that would be living in and on such a body. (Woof, that gives you a shiver). 

Lets face it guys, women are evidently more clean than men, and they prefer to have a clean and hygienic female partner than a messy and unhygienic male partner.

3. Men are Violent and Rough  During Love making

Okay, You want to break down the bedroom, you want to give it to her like she never had it before, you want to show her what she’s been missing, being dominant and forcefully during copulation doesn't mean you should choke the life out of her with your hand or your member. Some of us guys in the name of great copulation have done damage to our partner physically and emotionally. 

Consistent chokes, gags and internal pain is what no woman wants to feel, although some of them may like it rough, but most women want to feel wanted, love and pleasure during copulation. Since we guys are falling our hand, they seek for their fellow women who understand their wants and give it to each other. No more choking and gagging on anything anymore. 


4. Some Men can't satisfy a woman 

Yes, yes not all of us can, Some men are just after their own pleasure, caring less what our partner feels, we get down to business immediately once our clothes are off. 

Also there is the problem of premature spasm which can solve. With time, dedication and communication you and your partner can both have a mind blowing experience. 

Genitalia spasms are very rare, most women have orgasms from clitoral stimulation meaning that you did not have to enter her before shespasms, all you need is your hands and tongue, so why the hell would she need a man, when she can have a woman do it for her.

5. Chances of Pregnancy are eliminated 

Not all women crave for children. Western women mostly are so overall conscious of their weight and shape (thanks to guys who love figure 8 women). During and after pregnancy, a woman body undergoes changes. Leaving her more self conscious of what she eats and does. 

Then there is the case of unwanted pregnancy, even though you use a condom (which some guys hate claiming it reduces copulation pleasure), contraceptives, withdrawal method or any other method to prevent pregnancy, the chances that she will get pregnant due to intercourse are still there. 

So why not completely eliminate that and go for a woman, they can't impregnate themselves you know.

Girls, Friends  
6. Lastly, Not Every Woman Is The Same

Well, not all women, but yes some women can find themselves attracted to other women. 

There have even been cases of people being attracted to objects. 

So this is one we cannot certainly change, 

Women are so complicated, they may not even know what they want, and what they say they want is just the opposite, so women prefer to go to other women who seem to understand them better. So half of this is our fault and the other half is their choice 

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