Stop these 5 things to boost health and Your immune system

With the recent diseases outbreaks all over the globe, it won't be a surprise if people want to start boosting their immune system. I for once started long ago.

The ebola outbreak in Africa, the current zika virus outbreak in the west, the Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria. These are diseases that did not exist up to two years ago, so its very important to start boosting your natural immunity as cures for these current diseases seem to be slow coming.

Boosting your natural immunity is mostly associated with diet, exercise and way of living. if your lifestyle is haphazard you will definitely be a constant prey for diseases.

1. Unprotected Copulation

Unprotected Intimacy can lead to unwanted pregnancies and contracting of STDs. in fact its better to know the health status of a partner before lovemaking. HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) which is contracted through  intercourse with an infected person attacks your immune system and weakens it making your susceptible to opportunistic illness (that is illnesses that take advantage of a weakened body) your body wouldn't be able to fight against simple illnesses like malaria, not to talk of complex diseases.

So prevention can help you immune system stay alive and strong.

Quit Smoking Now 

2. Smoking 

Definitely if you want to have a good, working immune system you need to quit smoking. Cigarettes and cigar contain a whole lot of ingredients which can cause cancer, it also introduces toxins into your body because you actually inhale more than you smoke.

Smoking causes you respiratory problems by introducing toxins into your system, the toxins destroy the air sacs in your lungs, leading to more problems and definitely death.
smoking also increases your chances of stroke and heart attacks, as nicotine lowers raises your blood pressure and stresses your arteries.

Smoking causes you skin problems and also oral problems which is definitely not hard to notice.
smoking also restricts blood flow which is required for an erection in males and it can lead to infertility problems.

Everything mention here shows that smoking is just destroying your body and soul. it can in no way improve your immune system.

Drinking causes anaemia

3. Excessive Drinking (Alcohol)

Excessive Drinking can cause you loads of health issues, heavy drinking (alcohol) can cause these simple problems at first

Drowsiness, Vomiting, Distorted vision and hearing, impaired judgement, decreased coordination, headaches and get you arrested. Injuries (cuts wounds and abrasions) sustained from accidents due to driving drunk can lead to infections from pathogenic micro-organisms like Clostridium tetani which causes tetanus.

Heavy Drinking has more deadly consequences.
It reduces the number of red blood cells which is required to carry oxygen known as anemia, which then leads to fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms.
it increase your risk of cancers of the mouth, it is much worse in habitual drinkers who also smoke .

Then there is the problem of increase risk of heart diseases and attacks, surely heavy drinking will do you no good, so a glass or two a day is enough.

Adequate Sleep = Long Life span 

4. Lack of Adequate Sleep

Even robots run out of oil, they heat up and are allowed to cool (also meaning rest), so why should we human which are more important and delicate than those robot refuse adequate sleep. During sleep the brain rest busy neurons in your nervous system for the next day, lack of sleep leaves your brain exhausted and causes it to inadequately perform its duties.

Long term sleep deprivation can lead to weakening of your body defenses, which makes a whole army of disease-causing organisms very happy to invade without stress.

lack of sleep can leave you tired, can cause you heart attack, diabetes, stroke,
It can kill your libido, it can reduce the adequacy of your immune system, leaves you depressed, ages your skin, reduces your life span.

No matter what it is, even though life seems to be demanding more from you, you need to have a break once.

Man is not machine, and even machines do rest. 

Good Exercise Good LIfespan
5. Lack of Exercise 

Inactivity also kills, although slowly. There are so many health conditions that arise from physical inactivity, imagine growing older and you start needing assistance for movement before you are even 50. Exercise increase heart beat, increase blood flow allowing the overall flow of nutrients all over your body.

From the recent points above you will understand that these diseases (Heart attack, cancer, stroke) are preventable with if you adhere to them. But without exercise you will be rolling back to stage one as physical inactivity lead to high risks of cancer, heart attack, pain in your joints etc

Exercising at least thirty minutes a week can even bring you great health benefits. So stop giving excuses and don't be lazy.

Life is precious, because you only live once, adhering to these tips above wouldn't take all your energy and will.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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