How to boost your Natural Immunity (7 tips)

I love being healthy and am sure you do too.

Our body needs continuous supply of nutrients to keep working. Robots need oil, to keep moving so does humans as we require water, food and other supplements to live a healthy and wonderful life.

The immune system is basically your protection against diseases, every living being has defense mechanisms which protects it from internal invasion of diseases causing micro-organisms.

The world we live in today is full of diseases and death is everywhere, the technological and medical advancements not only help make our life better through awareness and improved living conditions. it also introduced new forms of death and diseases into the world.

Permit me to remind you of the ongoing diseases Lassa fever in Nigeria, Water borne diseases in Africa, the new Zika Virus in the West and so many others.

Medical drugs are for all these are slow in coming so it will be safer to increase the efficiency of your own immune system naturally.

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep improves your overall body health. Studies have shown that less that six hours of sleep can reduce your life span "live is already short enough" Sleep gives your brain time to rest and prepare for the next day. lack of sleep over works the brain leading to depression, exhaustion which can lead to heart diseases and other form of illnesses. Definitely Adequate sleep leaves you refreshed and energetic

2. Regular Copulation

It has been proven that regular love making can boost your immunity as the activity alone is also an exercise, during the activity and orgasm many hormones are released, oxytocin, anti-depressant hormones which makes you feel good, also antigens are released, all this boost your immunity.

3. Take Adequate Vitamins 

Vitamin C is a very important vitamin for improving your body's immunity, it is present in so many fruits and vegetables so you can complain its rare. It improves your cardiovascular health, stabilizes blood pressure and is effective against colds and flu

Vitamin A in useful when it comes to treating eye disorders, acne skin disorders, infection  and speeding up healing of wounds.

Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 and B9 has many health benefits

Vitamin D strengthens your bone, a deficiency disease is rickets (bow legs)

Vitamin E Improves blood circulation and slow down aging

Vitamin K reduces risk of menstrual pain.

4. Have a Balanced Diet 

A balanced contains all the nutrients needed for reproduction, growth and protection, in the right proportions, that is in the right amount (not too little not too much)

5. Regular Exercise 

Keep your self active physically, exercises will help your blood flow and also exercises help maintain your weight,

6. Don't Smoke 

How do you expect to boost your immunity if you continuously take in toxins which are present in cigarette, smoking has so many health conditions and it will certainly reduce your immunity.

7. Avoid Excessive Drinking 

Excessive drinking of alcohol is just as worse as smoking, your body system will not be upgraded but downgraded by alcohol consumption, reduce or totally cut off consumption.  

Start Applying these tips to you life, and also tell us how you feel. 

Always remember to Stay Healthy, Stay Wise
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