Copulation! 7 reasons why you need it


Like seriously what could love making give me other than immense pleasure and closeness to my partner? If you are among those asking this question, or you just think that copulation is just for sweet pleasure alone, then you are in for a surprise "not a bad one actually"

First of all, it’s better than any artificial anti-wrinkle treatment out there, and also it’s a great way to get rid of excess weight "you burn calories just doing it". Finally an exercise we all love to do.

Also During copulation many hormones and secretions are produced and released like oxytocin which is released during orgasms helps you relax and fall asleep and also with other good feeling hormones helps relieve you of pain like headache for example.

Want more benefits right? Just read on.

Relieves Stress and Depression

1. Copulation Reduces Stress and Depression 

With the world we live in today definitely its not surprising to get stressed out and depressed, with US having the highest population of depressed people in the world. It may be a family problem, financial or just colleagues at work.All the same it still stress.
Well if you are feeling stressed out copulation is the right option for you.
Research has shown that copulation lowers stress hormones, releases anxiety and helps keep your blood pressure at a normal rate, by releasing more levels of Serotonin an antidepressant chemical into your body sexual activity reduces depression and lightens your mood. 

Boost Your Immunity

2. Boosts Natural Immunity 

With so many disease outbreaks happening around the world (the Ebola virus in Africa, Lassa Fever in Nigeria, Zika virus in the West e.t.c) Natural immunity is a thing we should crave for.
Research has shown that regular copulation releases antigens and hormones which repairs tissues, keeps the skin healthy and thereby your body's immunity against illnesses. 

3. Boosts Your  Libido

Copulation doesn't happen right at the time we want it. Sometimes our partner seems to not be in the mood, maybe stressed out (check the first reason above). Well studies have shown that regular copulation can help boost your libido and keep you craving for more. Also a high copulation activity releases more pheromones that enhance your appeal to each other. In short, we are saying the more the copulation the higher the desire for it.

4. Slashes Your Chances of Heart Attack   
Copulation is an aerobic exercise (that is it involves the use of oxygen). Vigorous copulation increases the levels of oxygen in the body thereby increasing the flow of blood. Just other physical exercises increases your heart rate which repairs tissues, keeps the skin healthy and keep your heart continuously circulating blood.
Also during copulation the male and female sex hormone, testosterone and oestrogen levels are increased this helps to make you feel better, strengthens your bones and also protects you from heart disease.

Healthy, Young and Beautiful
5. Keep You Looking Healthy and Younger 

Tired of all those anti-wrinkle treatments well lets give nature a try.
Research done has claimed that frequent copulation can actually make you look up to Ten years younger.
A ten year study done by a British Neuropsychologist David Weeks, revealed that people who had regular sexual activity weekly looked up to ten years younger compared to those who didn’t, and also he revealed that the quality of the copulation is just as important as the quantity, your chances of gaining the maximum health benefits of copulation is high if the copulation is satisfying and loving.

Also during copulation oestrogen is released which smoothes lines on the skin. For women following menopause, the skin wrinkles as a result of drying up because oestrogen levels drop naturally. Well copulation increases oestrogen levels. 

6. Live Longer

A 10 year study published in 1997 compared men according to age and health. The study revealed that men with the highest regularity of climax had their death rate halved compared to those who did not spasm frequently. 

7. Spams May Prevent Cancer

Studies carried out revealed that frequent ejaculation over some years may decrease the chances of prostate cancer, as spasm helps clear the prostate of harmful secretions, which could trigger cancerous changes.

Why not get down to it tonight and start reaping these benefits from something we all love to do. 

Lol. Don't forget to say something and remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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