8 health signs you should never ignore

Health Signs you should never overlook 

Some of us don't just care for our bodies, while most of us aren't just aware of the changes it undergoes, life's challenges and our laziness is certainly something that hold us back. Lots of deaths and sicknesses are certainly avoidable if we are alert to the signs our body shows to us before breakdown.

Okay lets get down to business, here is a list of warning signs, you should never frown at and what to do.

1. Fatigue, Being Tired most of the time.

It may be lack of exercise, lack of sleep and lots of stress or worse, your thyroid may be the problem or you could have anemia.

What should you do?

Get lots of sleep, start doing your exercises and taking your vitamins, take yoga classes and meditation classes to help relieve you of the stress

If you don't see any improvement then head to the hospital or a laboratory for a blood test to check for anemia and thyroid problems.

2. Severe Headaches, Double and Blurry Vision

This might be a symptom of High BP (Blood Pressure)

What should you do

Go and check your Blood Pressure, if its above 120/80, maybe reading 140/90 then you need to see a doctor. High Blood Pressure increases your chances of Hearts Attack.

3. Cracked Lips

I don't during the Harmattan (dry season) period. This is a symptom of mineral deficiency, which may be lack of vitamin C, magnesium or zinc in your meals.

What should you do

Increase your intake of these minerals and vitamins continuously,

4. Your poop smells very bad and looks very dark in colour

This is a serious sign that should not be ignored, it would be a sign of stomach bleeding or ulcer. If its white in colour then you may have gall bladder or liver problems

What should you do

Go for urine and blood tests to first ascertain the problem, then adhere to his instructions after that .

5. Your Urine is Brown/Dark Yellow/Orange in Colour.

First possibility you are having kidney problem or this could be the sign of a different sickness entirely like malaria. Also this could just be as a result of some medications which you are taking. But you want to be on the safe side right.

What Should you do

Simply Drink lots of water, if the urine colour remains the same, then go for a urine test, to know if its kidney disease or any other problems.

6. Dry and Blemished Skin.

This could mean many different things, Under-active thyroid, vitamins and mineral deficiency and also hormonal imbalance.

What should You do

 Try taking your minerals and vitamin supplements continuously, it will be better if did go to a doctor for a blood test, that is if you have a history of thyroid and or hormonal problems.

7. Consistent Hunger and thirst and visit the toilet often

This symptom could mean many things

That you should stop starving yourself and eat more

That you might have bladder infection

That you might be at risk of diabetes.

What should You should

Go for a glucose test. Which can be done at a clinic or  by yourself. This should be done in the morning before breakfast, as you can see below, if its higher than 7 then you should talk to your doctor.

Normal and Diabetic Blood sugar ranges

Normal Ranges
4.0 to 6.0 mmol/L (i.e 72 to 108 mg/dL) when you are fasting.

7.8 mmol/L (i.e 140 mg/dL) that is 2 hours after eating

Diabetes Ranges

4 to 7 mmol/L for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, if done before meals

under 9 mmol/L for people with type 1 diabetes and under 8.5mmol/L for persons with type 2 diabetes, if done after meals

Statistics Credit http://www.diabetes.co.uk

8. The white parts of your eyes look yellow.

This could be a symptom of hepatitis or Jaundice or Gall Stones (liver disease).

What Should You Do

Reduce your alcohol intake.

Go for blood tests to check if your liver is functioning properly

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