Use of Words! 9 Words to Never say to a woman


Yes, Women are complicated and sensitive creatures. They tend to hear better and read body languages better than men.
Other than being quickly offended by any little thing. Men certainly  have a hard time trying to understand their partners.
Well here is a list about the 9 forbidden words when talking to a woman

1. No 

Yes they don't like to take a NO as an answer. They don't even want to know the meaning of the word. So better add a little bit drama to your reply when  you are planning to respond to her with a negative.

2. You can't do anything right

Depreciating words in a relationship are never helpful. This words will surely make her lose confidence in herself. It can certainly lead to a distant relationship. So its better to point out her mistakes and give your corrections calmly.

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3. Bitch

Well this word is probably used in more countries than ever before. It more than just disapproving and insulting, as no woman with good manners would want to be referred to as such and surely she might not easily forgive you or forget the word.

4. Cunt

Oh God. You crossed the line. If you both get into a hot argument make sure that this word is totally off your brain drive. Also insulting and disapproving, and definitely, it is the worst way to ever refer to a woman.

5. My ex can do this, My ex can do that

Never compare your new partner to your ex. If your ex was so perfect you wouldn't have left her. Appreciate the woman before you and let all past experiences remain in the past.

6. I am not in the mood

Well that a turn around. Women sometimes react this way to men's  fun tactics or advances and some men tend to accept it. But when a girl is making advances to you, rejecting them will just cut her off and get the dreaded cold treatment.

7. How many Guys have you slept with 

Okay she's got a hot smoking body and a that look that gives her attention from lots of men. But still this question might make most women feel like a runs girl and still You wouldn't really want to know about that.

8. /Are You Crazy or words like that

Even if at the peak of an argument or at a time she did a really disapproving and stupid thing, better to calm down and correct her than break a relationship with words that were never used to build it. Never say these words to a woman's face, otherwise you will hurt her deeply, something you promised you wouldn't do when you met here.

9. Are You going to eat all that 

Most women tend to be sensitive about their weight, not shocking since they love food so much, Well be extra careful when talking to her about anything concerning food or her weight, it tends to give her lot of thoughts and stress her up. Don't want that right?

Men have a lot of rules to follow just to keep their woman, happy "forever".
Well I think these nine words are enough but if you feel that there is more to it. Leave a comment

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