Social Confidence! 5 things to never do in public

public place

The public can be a very scary place, as teenagers struggle to fit in and adults struggle to keep a good profile. But there are some things We do in public that shouldn't be done unless you want to become the gossip of the town.
I myself was guilty of No.3 

1. Eating with your mouth open (Food Machine)

Okay that is weird and irritating. The public is not a place for such kind of behavior, that best for home where you are free to do anything. There is no place like home know.

2 Break-up

Most Break-ups tend to be ugly events that end with one person crying or a crazy brawl between the two persons involved. Unless you have a good reason to break-up in public maybe stop your significant other from murdering you or a serious fight, do it at home in private. No one wants to walk down the street and see two ex-love birds arguing and throwing insults at each other.

3. Arguments

This tend to give you a bad name. Except you want to be the talk of the town  The public is never a good place for a family argument or any other issue be it a relationship misunderstanding or business misunderstanding. Let them stay off the street and let private things remain private

4 Eat food off the floor (Ohhhh)

I bet You just said Disgusting. No matter how hungry you are never, even if its the last piece of pie, although it may be healthy to do it. In Public it completely unacceptable.

5 Groom yourself

Ladies and Gentlemen. A public place is not the time to be applying makeup and your face and fingering your ears for wax or checking your nostrils for excessive hair growth and mucus. If there is an urgent grooming matter that needs to dealt with immediately, show courtesy and excuse yourself to a private place.

Which one are you guilty of
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