Life Tips! Five Words You Should Never Say to a Man

From a boy to a Man

Of course We men have feelings, we may be proud and strong but we aren't made of stone.

I for once would love to be with a woman who would respect my ideas and feelings.

But Most articles we find on the web tends to talk about how to love and care for a woman but we men should also be cared for and loved.

Words are very powerful, they make or mar, we all got to be careful how we use them. In this article I am going to talk about certain words that should not be used when talking to a man.

1. You are small

Telling this to a man straight to his face is a real downer (I can't even believe my girlfriend will ever say that straight at me). Men tend to be sensitive about the size their member and ridiculing this all in the name of being frank with him is not advisable. Other methods can be used to convey the message. Also for more satisfaction, oral stimulation and toys are available.

2. You are like a brother to me

ladies except you are saying this to an old friend because definitely no man wants to be a brother to a girl he is crushing on. So its better to keep this word in the cupboard Men tend to hear it differently.


3. Your beard is so pointy

The male beard a sign of maturity and  Beauty. The beard is the also an attraction to women and Most men tend to be sensitive about it shaping it into different styles. So when a lady takes a look or a touch on your beard and gives a negative remark straight to your face that would will get a man staring at the mirror and using all the cosmetics available all day long. So its better to tell him about it in a sweet and polite manner.

4. You are just like my ex

No lady would ever want to hear this from her man. So ladies play fair.

Am sure that you learned a lesson from your ex and saying that your new man is like your ex is like you are making the same mistake you made by dating your ex

Every man/woman wants his/her present relationship to be better than the last. So its better to leave words like this behind.

5. I'm so much taller than you

Measuring heights with you might actually be fun. Depends on what you are saying and how you are saying it

Also with more than 60% of men worldwide being taller than women saying this might just bruise his ego and make him feel smaller.

Better to be on the safe side.

If you feel that there are more words than this. Please leave a comment

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