Life Tips! Five Things to Avoid When Angry

We may have gotten into an argument once or twice. But being so angry can reduce your ability to reason. Wise people should see anger as a form of weakness.
Anger is a natural feeling every human being has passed through, but if you let it, it will overwhelm you.

So I took my time to make research and Here are 5 things you shouldn't do when you are angry.


1. Don't Go to Bed Angry 

Most of us have probably heard this phrase "Don't go to bed angry". (Well I have). Research has shown that going to bed and then to sleep directly after a heated argument or bad experience (leading to anger) will preserve the emotions until you are awake. The human body is inauspicious to falling asleep in a seemingly dangerous situation. (A natural defense mechanism). Thus, leading to a hard time falling asleep. Its definitely better to cool down and resolve the issue before going to bed. 


2. Don't Drive 

Seriously I wouldn't even go near a vehicle that I would operate. Driving after an argument is dangerous. Other than being unable to think clearly, your hand will be unsteady. If you are lucky you may get a ticket. If not, then God knows what.
Research has shown that driving while angry causes you to take more risks, break more laws and have more accidents, meaning more expenses.

3. Don't Eat 

Food is  never the right ingredient to soothe your angry mind. When we are angry we tend to make unhealthy food choices and also during the the anger stage fight or flight hormones (adrenaline hormones) may be produced, Digestion is inhibited by the sympathetic nervous system. So put down that chunk of food for the moment.

4. Take Drugs or Alcohol 

Anger tends to be overpowering and can cause mental stress. Some people tend to grab a drink or smoke to relive themselves. Well you may feel temporary relief, But this actually creates more problems as it becomes a habit and causes you health problems.
With Physical exercises and a breathing techniques you can control you anger.

5. Shout at Others 

It is no use taking out your anger on others, because it will definitely lead to more stress and isolation.Control your feelings, don't cut ties that took you decades to make in a matter of minutes. A simple deep breath can go a long way in preventing more conflict and help you be master over your anger.

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