Bad Breath: Causes and Remedies

BAd Breath

Got bad breath? No need to be shy about it because 95% of the world got it.
This early morning stink can be very embarrassing. Thank God  my mum strictly taught me to maintain my oral hygiene.
Imagine waking up to a very beautiful morning with your partner and next thing that greets you is a nose ripping smell.
Not a great way to start you day right? Well it probably wouldn't be for me if I were that partner.

Bad Breath can definitely ruin a relationship, believe me no man or woman would want to continuously stand that smell every morning.
Also bad breath can leave you self conscious, just think of what you could do if a cute girl or guy walks up to you and says hi. Got to be alert you know.
And shockingly some people fail to realize that their breath is so bad, it can stop traffic with one word. (being sarcastic).
Even though some of us follow oral routines and practice oral hygiene the situation still persists

So you might already be asking

How do I get rid of this?

But first let us learn the cause of bad breath as it will help us understand it and how to deal with it and also tell others


Bad Breath (the early morning stink) is caused by a buildup of bacteria in your mouth which causes inflammation and gives off odour and gases that smell really bad.
Yes wow, what an activity going on in there. 

But you may ask why does it smell most terrible mainly in the morning?

Well when you sleep, your metabolic rate drops, your level of activity drops, the flow of saliva also drops and your body secretions dry up. Meaning fluid production in your body has reduced.

Understand that saliva performs two roles
1. It accompanies mouth movements and washes away mouth bacteria.
2. It contains anti bodies which suppress the growth of micro organisms.

Now during the time of sleep your saliva dries up and it is unable to perform these roles. Without saliva bacteria is able to flourish, they digest the protein in the food particles left in the mouth. Some of these bacteria are capable of metabolizing various sulfur containing compounds with which they produce chemicals which off bad smell.

So if you snore or breath through your mouth at night, your chances of having bad breath.
Now you understand why your breath tends to smell more terrible in the morning?
If yes then move on.

Note: Bad breath is common in smokers. Smoking increases the temperature of your mouth and causes your saliva to dry up making it a vacation and breeding spot for bacteria

Waking up with a minty-fresh breath may be unrealistic, but you can control the factors that causes bad breath thereby reducing the smell

It can be done through the following ways

Brush before breakfast and after dinner

Thorough brushing.

Practicing good oral hygiene daily by brushing your teeth twice a day (Mum taught me this) In the morning when you wake and at Night before you sleep or brushing immediately after every meal.

Odour causing bacteria tends to accumulate between the teeth and on the tongue so a thorough brushing should be done.

When brushing your teeth take your time to meet every nook and cranny of your mouth. Make sure you dedicated more than two minutes of your time for this activity and nothing less.

Also note that a higher percentage of bad breath comes from the tongue so you better pay it some attention if you expect results. You can use a tongue cleanser or tongue scraper for efficiency.


Use Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth can also help get rid of the odour. Make sure you buy a good mouth wash from a trusted brand.
Remember to take your time and follow the instructions as given. If you quickly rush to get it over with, there is no way the mouthwash will perform its function efficiently.

Floss... use the string to clean between your teeth 

This means to clean between one's teeth with dental floss

Brushing alone wont remove the tiniest food particles that get stuck between your teeth and gums, but flossing can. So yes it is important.

Note: You cannot completely eliminate bad breath as it is a result of reduced saliva flow (a natural process we cannot alter). "Sorry"

The remedies given above can only reduce the smell by keeping the causative factors in check.

Mouthwash can get rid of bad breath but only temporarily, like stated earlier flossing is important.

Also Bad breath is not necessarily a symptom of a disease but if you notice a sudden increase in mouth odour, it would safer to consult a medical personnel as it may be a sign of an infection.

Failure to maintain a proper oral hygiene or neglecting oral hygiene leads to a condition of chronic bad breath known as Halitosis.

This condition makes the morning breath smell worse than normal and fortunately it can be reduced with the same remedies stated above.

So ask friend or a loved one today if you have bad breath. It tends to be difficult finding out on your own.

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